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“Since I was a kid I’ve always hated my teeth. When I called Dr. Dhayni’s office they offered me a free consultation for Invisalign. When I first walked in the office they were so friendly and laid back. It helped me to relax. Then Dr. Dhayni explained the whole process of Invisalign. It seemed almost too simple. Now that the procedure is done I can’t say enough how happy I am with the results. For the first time I’m not ashamed of my teeth. Thanks Dr. Dhayni, I’m actually proud of my smile now”
George H. Warren, MI

“Did I want straight teeth? Yeah, just not with metal braces. I had friends who had had them when I was younger and they all hated them. They said they were very uncomfortable and always had food stuck in them. One day I was in for a cleaning and Dr. Dhayni introduced the idea of Invisalign. He said they were clear, and removable. I really liked the idea so I gave it a shot. Now my teeth are finally nice and straight. It was a very easy process. When I wanted to floss, I could just remove the plastic aligner. Plus, they were clear, so I didn’t have to feel like I looked funny. I really do like the results. I can’t believe the process was so simple. Thanks!”
John B. Roseville, MI

“My daughter was very ashamed of her crooked teeth. She was in high school so she was constantly teased because of the condition of her teeth. She wanted to correct the problem, but she didn’t want to be made fun of more for having a mouth full of metal. When we talked about the idea of Invisalign she was hesitant, and scared. After we met with Dr. Dhayni she felt much better about the procedure. He was very sensitive and gentle. She loves her new smile now! The best part is she didn’t have to get metal braces to achieve the results. I am so happy to see a smile on her face again. She finally has her confidence back. Thank you Dr. Dhayni!”
Brenda U. Detroit, MI

“My teeth look great! They are straighter than ever and the process was so simple. I really liked having Invisalign because it was so convenient. If I needed to take them off I could. They were a much better idea than metal braces. The results are wonderful and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Thank you for everything.”
Sheryl D. Warren, MI

“In the business world it is important to have a professional appearance. A bunch of metal braces is not only distracting, but also uncomfortable. Lumineers were the best choice for my situation. My final results are fabulous. I really appreciate how quick and painless the procedure was. Thank you for the spectacular job you did on my smile.”
Joan L. Grosse Pointe, MI

“I wanted the straight teeth, but I did not want metal braces. I found Dr. Dhayni on the web, and it said he was #1 for Invisalign. Well that is an understatement. He did an outstanding job on my teeth. He completely surpassed my expectations. I can’t believe how simple it was. Dr. Dhayni and his staff were great. I’ll definitely be coming back to Dr. Dhayni for any future dental work.”
Gary N. Warren, M

My experience was awesome, I was always accommodated well. Judy was always there to answer the phone, no matter the time. And Tom was the best at taking care of me. I recommend this office to everyone.
Nicole Walters, Invisalign Customer

It took me four long years to decide on invisalign and after working with the men and women at Dr. Dhayni's office I realize this is one of the biggest and greatest decisions I've ever made. Everyone here is awesome! Always willing to help, give advice and smiles are always given. I want to thank each of you for making this a wonderful experience!

Thank You!
Melissa J. Grulke, St. Clair Shores

I used to not have very straight teeth. My teeth were really separated. All of my front teeth had really big gaps between them. I had my teeth like that for a real long time. I never liked to smile in pictures and when people made me laugh I would cover my smile because to me they looked funny. So I finally decided to try straightening my teeth with Invisalign.

Since they are clear and don’t even look like you have anything on I started my treatment with Dr. Dhayni. My teeth didn’t even take long to get straight. I didn’t even feel any pain when I wore my Invisalign aligners. They were easy to manage and the 8 months passed by and now my teeth are now absolutely perfect.

I love the results and now love to smile in pictures. Plain and simply, I just feel better which makes me smile even more then ever! I didn’t see my cousins for 2 years and when I first saw them I wanted to see if they noticed anything different and they did. They loved my teeth along with everyone else who had known me from before.

Now, people that didn’t even know me before Invisalign even say how much they love my smile. Invisalign Works, Dr. Dhayni did a very good job. He really took care of my teeth as well as all of my dental needs. I thank him so much for making me feel great about my smile. Now I have more confidence in myself.

Again, thank you so much Dr. Dhayni!!!

Sonya S., Sterling Heights MI

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